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Our Mission

Rescuing Animals in Crises

and Finding Homes for Animals

We are devoted to the protection and enhancement of quality of life for animals that have been abandoned, neglected, abused, relinquished or found homeless. Our volunteers work tirelessly to prevent animal cruelty and exploitation. 

Anyone who has felt the tenderness of a gentle paw on their knee or the tickle of whiskers on their cheek knows why pets are special creatures. They are comfort, companionship, and camaraderie.

Our pets live in the moment, taking us away from our hectic or lonely lives, easing stress, and showering us with unconditional love.


These reasons are why HASRA works hard to save the lives of these wonderful companions and needs your help to continue our work.

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HASRA's Rescue Van

Sadly, North Alabama animal shelters are overwhelmed with animals. These animals need lots of love, care, and attention, which can be hard to provide without volunteers and proper financial support. This can lead to shelters being overrun and some turn to killing those they cannot house.

That's why HASRA was formed - Heart of Alabama: Save, Rescue, Adopt.

HASRA is committed to continuing our support of North Alabama animal shelters and to help save as many unhoused animals as possible. With the help of our many cooperating rescues, the animals we save become loving companions for humans all over the country. We value the life of every precious animal who comes to us and have always made a concentrated effort to save animals that would otherwise have little to no chance of survival.

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